Monday, April 19, 2010

Citizens for a Cleaner Community Program urges involvement of residents

This spring and summer you will be seeing a new icon – for the Citizens for a Cleaner Community Program (3CP) – on the Hillside.

You will see it on signs erected into vacant yards that the volunteers in 3CP have cleaned and mowed; on flyers distributed throughout your neighborhood and attached to a Neighbor Notes newsletter published by Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth; and as time passes, on the doors of vehicles used to assist in cleaning up the neighborhoods and watering the flowers.

Join 3CP [Citizens for a Cleaner Community Program] This summer’s plans • June 5 - 12 NeighborWorks Week • June 8 - Hillside trash and litter pick up • June 12 - Vacant lot clean up. More events to be planned this summer.

The Safe and Walkable Hillside Coalition welcomes a partnership with the Hillside Beautification Committee, originator of the 3CP. Under consideration areother partnerships: Central Hillside Community Club with its May clean-up efforts, NeighborWorks with its NeighborWorks Week, and Earth Day volunteers. Councilman Dan Hartman is contributing many beneficial ideas. Duluth LISC facilitated a Fourth Street Corridor Clean-up public forum held in October of 2009 in the Central Hillside Community Center. At the packed meeting room, people expressed their care and concerns. Ideas were prioritized as goals.

This meeting gave birth to a small group of people determined to accomplish measurable and visible results. Brendan Hanschen, NHS Neighborhood Project Coordinator, called a meeting of people who already were active in volunteering to keep the Hillside clean. Those attending were Regina Cameron, a Central Hillside resident; Sarah Chambers, a Central Hillside retiree; James Gittemeier, an ARDC/MIC employee and East Hillside resident; Rosemary Hampton, a Central Hillside retiree; and Jake Wagner, an Americorp intern with NHS.

The Hillside Beautification Committee renamed itself as the Citizens for a Cleaner Community Program (3CP). Regina Cameron was selected as the Chairperson. The group’s goals are to eliminate or reduce Hillside’s unkempt yards and sidewalks, overgrown brush, noticeable lack of accountability on the parts of businesses, renters, landlords and homeowners. They also hope to reduce litter.

Home Depot gave a grant of $2,500 for NHS to use as a tool-lending library and for the purchase of supplies. These supplies will be split between the four neighborhoods of East Hillside, Central Hillside, Lincoln Park, and Morgan Park for projects selected by residents If you care about your neighborhood and want to help beautify it, please contact Brendan Hanschen at 224 E. Fourth St., (218) 727-8604 ext. 19 or See sidebar information below for beautification actions you may participate in this June.