Monday, June 07, 2010

Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol, what does the name mean?

What’s in the name?
By Pam Kleinschmidt

Lincoln Park, also referred to as West End, is a geographical area that runs from the Point of Rocks by M&H Gas Station to the Ore Docks near Wade Stadium and from the waterfront to Skyline Drive. Citizen is defined as an inhabitant of a city or town. Patrol is the action of traversing a district or beat for observation or the maintenance of security.

The Duluth Police Department has developed a program of citizen patrols throughout the city to utilize volunteers to alert police to potential threats to the peace and safety of the citizens of Duluth as well as relay concerns brought to them by those living and working in the area in which the members serve. The aim of the program is to build safer neighborhoods by engaging residents to know their neighbors and to act responsibly on their behalf. Members pass a mandatory criminal background check and have a code of conduct they must observe. The Duluth Police Department has oversight of the organization city-wide and it is the task of the Community Police Officer to liaison with each group.

The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol members patrol the district in vehicles or as they walk enjoying a stroll with family and making personal contact with their neighbors. Some folks like to ride their bikes. Recently, members living in two of our larger apartment complexes have joined to form a patrol group that concentrates solely on their building and parking lots. The Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol has received honors for service to the community by providing volunteers for a variety of civic events and community service projects.

The Lincoln Park Police Substation, located at 2012 West Superior Street, is staffed by the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Call 730-5565 with questions about The Citizen Patrol, general questions for the Police Department or messages for Community Police Officer, James Hansen. If you have an emergency please call 911, NOT our office.

Kleinschmidt is the captain of the Lincoln Park Citizen patrol