Monday, June 07, 2010

Girl Power announces its summer programs

YWCA Girl Power! Program announced its summer programs. The 2010 summer camp, YWCA will be implementing Girl’s Inc Leadership and Community Action, in collaboration with the YWCA Minneapolis. This program enables girls to join in partnership with women leaders in Duluth to develop and practice leadership/advocacy skills. Leadership and Community Action is an experiential curriculum driven by the girls own planning process ─ they have ownership and it partners them with women leaders from the community. The partners (girls and women leaders) will decide what issues to address. For more information about Girls Inc, go to

YWCA staff was trained in this new program and it will be incorporated into the mornings of day camp over a 10-week period this summer at Washington Center from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday. Girl Power is for girls ages 9 through 15 and located at Washington Center at 310 N. 1st Ave. West. Transportation can be arranged within YWCA boundaries. It is offered based on a sliding fee scale. For more information call the Girl Power site at 218-740-0348 or contact the youth director at 218-722-7425 ext 116.

Themes and dates of summer camps:

Teambuilding and Friendships ─ June 21 - July 2 ─ Spend two weeks building strong friendships and learning to find success as part of a team. The session will end with a low and high challenge course adventure!

Animal Lovers ─ July 5 to July 16 ─ will encounter fun with many different animals and explore careers that involve working with animals at the zoo, animal shelter and horse ranch.

Girls vs. Wild ─ July 19 to July 30 ─ Can you imagine what it would be like to climb up a rock face, canoe down a river and experience the beauty of a waterfall all in the course of 2 weeks? Step into new experiences as we try new activities including an overnight camping trip and a week at Positive Energy Outdoor (ed)Ventures!

Amazing Art ─ August 2 to August 27 ─ What is your favorite way to express yourself? Painting? Drawing? Music? Photography? Dance? Acting? Throughout the month of August, we will be diving into as many aspects of art as we can along with meeting many artists in the Duluth community.