Monday, May 03, 2010

Students, community members march against racism

These marchers at Fourth Street and Chester Creek, across from the Burrito Union at 14th Avenue East, were silent as the walked. SCAR, students Coalition Against Racism, organized the march to show support for students of all races. Students skipped class to participate. At 9:30 a.m about 80 people gathered at the Washington Center at Fourth Street and First Avenue West to march UMD. As the march went along more people joined them. Nettleton fourth and fifth grades showed their support by standing with signs and banners at Fourth Street and Lake Avenue.

The march is in response to a racist Facebook conversation which took place at UMD between two white UMD students on their public "wall". The conversation verbally and racially attacked a black student sitting in the same room. "Friends" saw the conversation.
Why are we silent?
According to the Facebook invite invitation:

Being silent is a non-violent approach and is a metaphor for our voices that have been swept beneath the rugs of the institutions that we individually represent. Many times over, as high school and college/university students; affiliates, employees and constituents, voices are silenced when addressing issues of race. Therefore, a question which is proposed, Can We talk about Race? The long walk while being silent is significant to how we have been silent and to reflect upon the impact our silence has had upon our community.