Tuesday, November 10, 2009

To prevent burglaries lock your doors and windows, light your entrances

I attend many meeting on crime. One thing the police say: ALWAYS lock your doors and windows. Even if you are out for just a little bit. I am vigilant about this. Not everyone agrees with me. Often people who share rentals with me will leave an outside door open so friends can come in. Or because they are just going for a short walk. But criminal watch this time of things and that is when they make there entrance.

This is the same for your car. Lots of people kinda tease me for my bags of stuff. But I remember Chief Ramsay saying, "If you can not afford to lose it, don't leave it in the car." So I often bring everything with me even when just visiting someone or a store for a bit. (Editor - Naomi)

The Duluth Police Department has seen a recent increase in residential burglaries in the East Hillside, Chester Parkway, and UMD neighborhoods. Police are investigating the incidents for any trends or similar patterns.

Police remind citizens to continue to lock the doors and windows of their homes, use exterior lighting to deter crime, and report suspicious people or circumstances by calling 911. Anyone with information on these burglaries is asked to call the Property Crimes Unit at 218-730-5160.

At this time police have no additional information available.