Sunday, November 01, 2009

The River Church performs "The Yellow Brick Road"

Captions: Dorothy played by Valerie Broman, Munchkins Elyse Noe, Brooklyn Lopez, Amanda Noe, Madison Becker, David Farley, Sophie Fredrick, Gracie Komarek and Eden Nelson. Mayor Munchkin (in green) played by Danielle Vagle.

I like to keep up on what is going on with the churches in our catchment area. Last month The River Church, formerly Glad Tidings Church, 1902 E Fourth St., placed an ad for a play named "The Yellow Brick Road." I ran their ad again this month because the November issue came out before the play date. Anyway, I thought I would go see it because as editor it is good for me to continue to met new people. Well, I ended up sitting right beside the lead pastor, the Rev. Robert Dean and we visited a bit. He said over 300 people showed up on Halloween night and estimated about 275 were there this afternoon.

I thought that play was very well done. It was a take-off on "The Wizard of Oz." The actors did an excellent job, the costumes looked great. The sets were good, and set changes went smoothly. The choreography was well done too. The music had me singing along although the words were slightly different than the original "Wizard of Oz." The play did have a message, you need Jesus in your heart, you need to pray in the name of Jesus and invoking Jesus' name will ward of demons. (Those scary parts worked well with the Halloween weekend.)

Witch played by Daine McGill, and she was scary.

Scarecrow was played by Joshua Dean, his facial expressions and limber body movements were great.

Tin Man was played by Pamela Stangland....she also did a good job with the movements - stiff with rust.

Sherman Fredrick played the cowardly lion and had you believing his cowardice was sweet.

The scary monkeys included Amanda Noe, Elyse Noe, Aundraya Shumann and Brandon Yeazle.

Ozwald was play be Carl Vagle,
Jesus was played by Erick Nelson and Jeri Anne Noe played the mirror.