Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Depot exhibits “Nowhere to Hide” through June 30

Local artist/graphic designer Gary Lundstrom produced exhibit “Nowhwere to Hide” a traveling exhibit providing a historical understanding of the present worldwide HIV/AIDS pandemic by comparing it to the 1918 flu pandemic. The exhibit opened on May 4 in the Fesler Gallery of the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (Depot), 506 West Michigan St., where it will remain until June 30. Admission is by regular Depot gate fee.

While providing overall context and understanding of the present HIV/AIDS pandemic, the exhibit highlights some of the parallels and differences between this epidemic and the 1918 flu pandemic. It also puts a human and local face on both diseases. AIDS Information Duluth provided a wealth of interview material and other information as content for the exhibit. Many stories of individuals, families, institutions, and the collective public response to these diseases were used.