Monday, November 15, 2010

Sandy Winklesky, Lincoln Park Neighborhood Hero

“Most of us have to run to keep up with her,” Pam Kleinschmidt, Captain of the Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol, said of Sandy Winklesky, “She is always engaged in community service projects.” A member of Harrison Community Club, Lincoln Park Citizen Patrol, and Asbury United Methodist Church, Sandy is always on the go. Whether she’s picking up litter, reading to the visually impaired at Lighthouse for the Blind, helping coordinate Lincoln Park’s Funfest at the Community Center, or citizen patrolling the community.

For nearly 45 years, Sandy and her husband, Gary, have lived in Lincoln Park, hosting National Night Out block parties for over 30 years in their large yard. Recently retired from a 27-year career at St. Louis County’s Public Assistance and Child Support divisions, Sandy is busier than ever volunteering at her church, helping first graders every Thursday at Lincoln Park School, delivering Meals on Wheels each Wednesday, and simply helping out her neighbors whenever she can.

Sandy has taken it upon herself to refurbish many of Lincoln Park’s fire hydrants. Usually buying the paint herself and working in her spare time, Sandy has repainted over 80 fire hydrants to spruce things up and convey a positive image of the community. She brings a cart of supplies with her as she paints, picking up litter all the while.

Beyond maintaining a Caring Bridge website for her disabled daughter, Sandy makes time nearly everyday to visit her. She also volunteers regularly at her church’s events. By her own admission, Sandy “likes everybody”. She steers conversations in a positive way, stressing workable solutions, and bringing out the best in everyone - and she follows up with action.