Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mark Engebretson hired as CHUM employment case management program manager

Mark Engebretson is CHUM’s new Employment Program Case Manager. CHUM’s Employment Program began in 2007 as a pilot project, and the success of the program led to the extension of the Duluth At Work Collaborative. For the past three years, CHUM has quietly worked with employers willing to hire entry-level workers who would be extensively supported by a CHUM social worker.

The program has seen tough times as the unemployment rate has risen, but with the addition of Mark the Employment Program team is now poised to begin working even more closely with employers.

The Employment Program uses a variety of teaching and mentoring techniques to help those seeking CHUM services become work hardened and enter the workforce successfully. “We have adults willing and able to work,” Engebretson explained, “but they need help learning interviewing skills, completing applications, and just generally being supported.

To those who have had difficult life journeys, confidence-building is important as they begin to apply for jobs.” Currently Engebretson is visiting employers, explaining how the CHUM Employment Program works and how the program can assist them in meeting their goals. CHUM not only assists through the hiring process but over the long term to ensure successful employment.

Traditionally, CHUM fills its own entry-level positions with former clients. “We believe in a living wage and promote the employment of our neighbors who live in poverty and have been homeless. Employment is a critical step towards becoming self-sufficient,” explains Jim Soderberg, CHUM Executive Director.

Mark has worked in programs with youth and as a homeless advocate for 15 years. Having explored poverty from every angle, he has the perfect set of skills and interests to fulfill his new role at CHUM.

For more information on the CHUM Employment Program, contact CHUM at 218-720-6521.