Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hillsider asks Mark Rubin to talk about injustice; and his favorite spot in our coverage area

Mark Rubin County Attorney Candidate

The Hillsider ask St. Louis county attorney candidate Mark Rubin three questions:
  1. What things in the County Attorney’s office would you like to see change, expanded or improved upon.
  2. What is the greatest injustice that needs correction?
  3. What is your favorite place in any of the three neighborhoods that we cover, i.e. Central Hillside, East Hillside or Lincoln Park.

County attorney office changes or improvements
1. I will ccontinue to do my part as your County Attorney working towards that day when all children can live in neighborhoods free from the harmful influences of adult criminals. This requires effective and respectful collaboration and confidence between prosecutors, law enforcement and the people we serve, with improved strong and fair leadership in the County Attorney’s Office ensuring that people who break the laws and hurt our fellow citizens are held accountable. I will work to keep you safe.

Great injustice needing correction
2. One of the greatest injustices in this world is ignorance. It is the root of our inhumanity to each other. I believe the correction is education…and that education begins at home. I carry that simple piece of paper we all received at Hillfest: “Keep Children Safe on the Hillside.” We can realize this common vision by modeling simple family rules…and enforcing them. We can constructively shape our children’s futures, one that transcends ignorance, by supervising our children’s behavior and activity, by teaching respectful boundaries with other people, by expecting children to follow family and community rules and by getting to know our neighbors as ourselves.

Favorite spot
3. My favorite place on the Hillside is the First Witness Child Advocacy Center at Lake and Fifth. Twenty years ago, we came together as a community, as neighbors, to build this safe place for our children to be interviewed after a report of abuse. I was fortunate to be a part of a small dedicated group that included police officers, social workers, a therapist, and a physician who, along with the women of Junior League, together turned a bold idea into a reality. When I am there, I reflect and am overwhelmed at the lives that have been saved…and forever changed for the better, through our innovative and compassionate community response.