Thursday, October 07, 2010

Friday, Oct. 7: J. Lydia Salon celebrates grand opening with music, food, art and give aways

Caption: The Friday, Oct. 8 grand opening of the J Lydia Salon in East Hillside will include artwork by Jessica Turtle. Show here is a Hammer in Hand, 18" x 24": Acrylic on Canvas Paper $80.00

By Sam Elmquist
Since July the J. Lydia Salon has been open and serving customers at 1131 B East 4th Street. The owner Jessica Myshack, a Duluth native, is a first time business owner and stylist of ten years. For these past few months Jessica has been figuring out what it takes to own a hair salon, one thing she has particularly enjoyed is the community of businesses and the feeling of being welcomed as a new business owner in Duluth. Now that she has found her place as a stylist and an owner she has decided that it is long overdue for her to host a formal grand opening for the salon.

The opening will be held this Friday, October 8th, starting at 6pm. It is going to feature a variety of things including live music, some of it to be performed by Myshack herself, and free food, generously donated by the Lake Avenue Café, Amazing Grace, and the New London Café. There will also be art by Jessica Turtle on display and for sale, prices ranging from 55-125$. Myshack has known the artist for a while socially and has done some work for her as a stylist, she picked the art up when Turtle finished her showing at another venue. Along with all of this there will be a gift certificate and hair product give away. The event goes till 9 and all our welcome, I encourage everyone to check it out.