Monday, December 28, 2009

Fast Facts about Hmong in Duluth, MN

• The Hmong fought for the U.S. during the Vietnam War.
• The word “Hmong” means “Free People.”
• Nearly half the pre-war Hmong population of Laos died during the Vietnam war and its aftermath.
• The first Hmong arrived in Duluth in 1978
•Traditionally there are no written records. Hmong history has been passed down through legends and ritual ceremonies from one generation to another.
• Currently there are 20 Hmong families, about 150 people, in the Duluth area.
• In Minnesota, the Hmong have the highest rate of homeownership as an ethnic minority because they pool resources.
• Minnesota has two Hmong legislators; one of them is the first female Hmong legislator in the nation. They are Representative Cy Thao and Senator Mee Moua.

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