Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Businesses need to shovel snow off sidewalks

I appreciated the information in the January Hillsider about the city ordinance on shoveling sidewalks.
The ordinance deals with the duties of abutters; (“any person who owns, leases or otherwise lawfully occupies any parcel of land, which abuts any public sidewalk within the city”).
“Any person”, as I understand it, refers to everyone, including businesses as well as residences.
When the City of Duluth asks residents to be diligent about clearing sidewalks, I’m sure they aren’t just referring to residences.
Many businesses get their mail delivered through parking lots, (usually well plowed), while residences have mail delivered via sidewalks. Unfortunately, many businesses are ignoring the sidewalks that abut their “parcel of land”. Their mail isn’t apt to be undeliverable because of unshoveled walks.
It occurs to me that notices could be stated in such a way as to point this out. The Central Hillside, in particular, is highly pedestrian, meaning that the sidewalks abutting a business do get used. And I’m not fond of having to walk in the streets.
Perhaps the various business organizations (such as the Hillside Business Association) can help point out the importance of businesses also complying with this ordinance.
Sarah L Chambers
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