Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snow Removal Update -sidewalks Dec.18,2016

Editor's note, Duluth has a color coded priority system for snow cleaning, please read the story and click on the link to see which roads and sidewalks are considered high priority

 Sidewalks are an important part of Duluth's transit system. The City of Duluth is responsible for clearing sidewalks that abutt the road.

By Pakou Ly
City of Duluth Public Information Coordinator

While plow drivers are out cutting ice on residential streets, another smaller group is working to clear city managed sidewalks. Priority 1 (red) routes near schools and major bus routes are expected to be done tomorrow and the second tier (pink) routes are underway. This ice and snow mix has created significant challenges including equipment break down. Crews are out working every day though. Thank you for your patience and for doing your part to clear your own sidewalks. 

Here is a link to the sidewalk clearing system: