Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some work by Brent Erickson in the background as audience members enjoy the opening

New Gallery in Duluth Supports New Artists

By Sam Elmquist

Now open in Downtown Duluth is the Ochre Ghost art gallery, 22 Second Avenue East, and for the rest of December they are showing a collection of three artist’s work. The artists are Brent Erickson, Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein, and Adam Rosenthal, who are all art students from UMD and upcoming graduates. For many of them this is one of their first art exhibitions.

I had the chance to talk to Kaiser-Schatzlein about the experience. He felt that for them as a group It is nice to get our art out there and finally be able to interact with the community.” He went onto to talk about how being a student and an artist felt for himself, and perhaps Erickson and Rosenthal as well. “As students, we relish the opportunity to engage with Duluth, especially downtown.”

Their show consists of work from all three of them centered around a collective theme, Which Kaiser-Schatzleing described as “handmade artwork that used geometry as an influence in some way.” The artists had an opening for the exhibition last week, December 9th, and thankfully I had the chance to stop by and take a look at the art as well as glimpse into how their art was received by the Duluth audience.

The Ochre Ghost is a small location, about the size of a living room with another living room attached to the back of it. The art is displayed in the front room and for this showing each artist took up a different section of the space provided, which is not a lot of space but proved to be sufficient for these three artists.

Within this space also existed the opening’s audience, which was not as sufficient but worked well enough to allow around 20 people, the number was consistently fluctuating, to gather

in the space and experience the art and socialize with the artists and other attendees. The artists were welcoming and the reception from Duluth was pleasant and enjoyable.

Work by Adam Rosenthal in the background as the audience socializes opening night.

from left to right stand the artists. Brent Erickson, Adam Rosenthal, and Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein at the Ochre Ghost