Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Central Hillside 4th Street Market reopens

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I had heard before Christmas that the Fourth Street Market would reopen. I tried to get a story, but there just wasn't time before Christmas...which is when everything was due, but there just wasn't time. I put in a little blurb about it on our Bizz Buzz page. I plan to talk to them tomorrow.

Naomi, Hillsider editor

Here is story on JP Rennquist's blog. Which is

I got a hot tip from my brother-in-law that Hillside Market was re-opening tomorrow. So while I was out I thought I would snap a photo for you all to see. But when I stopped by they did me one better. The door was open and I walked right in, found the owner, Tom and his son Matt who is slated to manage the place.

They were very gracious with an unannounced, gigantic visitor on a very busy day. We talked about this and that in their gleaming new office, complete with a state-of-the-art loss prevention system. They gave me permission to snap a few pictures of the new look of the place, and I even got a taste of their (delicious) click here to read the rest