Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Locations of 2008 National Night Out block parties

Caption: Police Officer Barry Midthun at a block party in July. Photo by Andre G.

East Hillside
East Sixth Street between 11th Avenue East and 12th Avenue East – Contact is Joann at 728-1516.
East Hillside Community Club at Grant Community Recreation Center (901 E 11th St) - Contact is Mona at 724-1193.
East Seventh Street between 16th Avenue East and 17th Avenue East – Contact is Carol at 730-9954.
East Sixth Street between 16th Avenue East and 17th Avenue East – Contact is Christine at 390-5363.
Grandview Avenue between alley below Kent Road & 10th Street – Contact is MaryAnn at 724-2729.

Central Hillside
First Avenue West above alley between First and Second Streets - Contact is Gregory at 720-6521.

Lincoln Park
Duluth Boys & Girls Club at Lincoln Park Picnic Pavilion - Contact is Tim at 725-7706.

Other neighborhoods east:
Robinson Street between 40th Avenue East and 41st Avenue East – Contact is Lynne at 525-1205
East Fourth Street between 37th Avenue East & Pinewood Contact is Laura 728-2410.
East First Street between 28th Avenue East and 29th Avenue East – Contact is Teresa at 724-1860.
McCulloch Street between 42nd Avenue East and 43rd Avenue East – Contact is Catherine at 525-3383.
Branch Street between 30th Avenue East & 31st Avenue East - Contact is Nancy at 724-1344.
Luverne Street between 43rd Avenue East & 44th Avenue East - Contact is Julie at 525-0051.
Longview Garden Club (Clover to East 7th Street to Irving Place) -Contact is Anita at 724-5761.
Lester Park United Methodist Church at 5401 E Superior St - Contact is Pastor David Warner at 525-4373.
Crescent View Avenue between 36th Avenue East & 37th Avenue East - Contact is Robert at 724-1969.
Cooke Street from 47th Avenue East to 48th Avenue East - Contact is Stefanie at 525-3637.

Other neighborhoods west:
Gary-New Duluth Community Club at 1313 101st Avenue West - Contact is Pat at 626-3438.
91st Avenue West between Grace Street and Hilton - Contact is Michelle at 626-2831.
Asbury Methodist Church at 6822 Grand Av - Contact is Shelly at 624-0061.
1200 block of 99th Avenue West - Contact is Steve at 626-2476
3216 Wellington Street - Contact is Sandy/Gary at 624-9433.