Thursday, January 03, 2008

RESOLUTION for 2008: Back to School?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to go back to school, or to get ready for a better job? The Adult Learning Center (ALC) could be a good place to start. The Center offers brush-up classes to prepare you for college, job training, an employment exam, a new job, etc. This can include basic computer skills and a preview of the Certified Nurse Assistant classes offered at Lake Superior College, as well as brush-up in math, writing or academic reading. Doing your skills brush-up at the ALC can lead you to a higher score on the admissions test at LSC, which can save you time and money on pre-college coursework on campus. The ALC classes are offered on a flexible schedule that can be adjusted according to when you are available. Classes are offered free of charge.

The ALC also offers programs to help adults and out of school youth to finish up high school credits or to study for the GED (General Educational Development) exam. Either way, you can earn your diploma and participate in ALC Graduation Ceremonies.

Registration is held every Monday afternoon at 1:00 pm for brush-up skills, adult diploma studies, and GED preparation. The Adult Learning Center is located in the Historic Old Central, Third Street side, across from the park. Enter the door by the ALC sign and you will see the main office. If you want information on specific programs and times, call us at (218) 336-8790.